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Teacher with kids
Cornell Laboratory Educators' Guide to Bird Study

A Variety of Bird Feeders
Albatross Project Grades 4-6
All about birds
An Introduction for Teachers
Are You a Birdbrain?
A-Z of Birds -popup cards
Bird Anatomy
Bird Flight Resources for Teachers
Bird Jokes for Kids
Bird Skeleton
Bird Word Puzzle
Bird Lesson Plans
Birds for Kids- Smithsonian
Birds in Flight; What a Sight.
Build A Bird

Classroom Birdscope Webzine
Ducks for kids
Hummingbird Project
KidWings-- excellent
Kidz Korner Bird Feeder
Learn about Cranes
Pine Cone Bird Feeder
Teaching Kids About Birds
Tropical Coloring Book
Turkeys for kids
Where Birds Live
Wildlife Facts: All About Birds

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