Songs and Calls

More about songs and calls from a brief "lecture" from's scientist.

Key to Bird Calls

Online List of Bird Call Links

Fatbirder Song Links

Urban Bird Sounds Project
Want to learn more about the birds in your community? This project can help!
Written and narrated by high school students from Codman Academy Charter Public School, in Boston, MA, the Urban Bird Sounds Project website features descriptions of birds, recordings of their songs and calls, tips for remembering them, and short quizzes to test your skills.

Macaulay Library of Bird Sounds
Native Songbirds in Color and Sound
North American Bird Sounds

Patuxtent Bird Lab-Bird Songs
Sites With Birdsongs
Songs of Brazilian Birds
St. Andrews Bird and Mammal Communication Group
USGS Song Files
Visualizing Western Warbler Songs
Wildlife Sounds

Bioacoustics Journal
Bird Song Files

Bird Song Mnemonics
Bird Song Mnemonics and Phonetics
Birding By Ear
Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics
El Canto de las Aves
Greg Kunkel's Bird Songs

Guide to Animal Sounds onthe Net
Key to Bird Songs, Sounds, and Calls
Life of Birds- Songs

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