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The Abyssian Roller, related to Kingfishers and Bee-eaters, is found across the tropical and subtropical belt south of the Sahara. Its rolling and twisting flight give it its name.

Bird Identification Basics

Learning to identify birds is a challenge . A field guide is a must as is a decent pair of binoculars. The best way to learn to identify birds is from an experienced birdwatcher. Many local Audubon societies offer field trips which are excellent for learning birds. You will learn about what objects may scare away birds, like lawn decorations of owls.Of course, you will learn about what birds like, such as fields of grain or waterside trees. After all, if you know what they like, you know where to look for them. After you learn how to identify a few birds, identifying otherswill be easier. Check the links on this page for more information and help.

WhatBird Identification Engine allows identifying a bird in just a few clicks.WhatBird

Bird Field Guides

The Sibley Guide to Birds
National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America
A Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern and Central North America
A Field Guide to Western Birds
The National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds: Eastern and Western Editions
Stokes Field Guide to Birds: Eastern and Western Editions
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology Online Field Guide

Field Guides to the UK and Europe

A Guide to Not Mis-Identifying Birds
Bird Identification Questions for Europe
Ducks at a Distance
Feather Quest (feather identification)
Gull Identification Website
Hummingbird Identification Tips - US and Canada
ID of Ducks by Wing Plumage
Identifying Wild Birds
Online Identification Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe
Patuxent Bird Quiz
Sea and Shorebird Identification
Tools for Learning about Birds
Waterfowl of the World
Waterfowl Identification


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Bird Identification Guide from Bird Watcher's

Field Guides by Roger J. Lederer, ornithologist at

Bird Finder : A Guide to Common Birds of Eastern North America, and
Pacific Coast Bird Finder
A Pocket Guide to Some Frequently Seen Birds
 Available from   Nature Study Guild Publishers